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Root Canal

Yes, you do! Right here in Rockville Centre, Dr. Michael Rechter is meeting with patients to determine the state of health of the pulpal tissues of their teeth. What does that mean? You can look at your endodontic examination with Dr. Rechter as a visit to your internal dentist. He concentrates solely on the tissues inside your teeth. The insides are as important, if not more important, than the outsides of your teeth because that is where the tooth is alive! Blood flow passes through your teeth’s insides. Nerves are connected to your teeth’s insides.

Dr. Rechter will ask you specific questions to help diagnosis, treat, or even prevent endodontic disease and problems. During an endodontic exam, he will:

  • Ask you to give him a complete medical history and explain your current medical status. He needs this because it might influence your dental diagnosis and/or treatment plan.
  • Ask for your “chief complaint.” What’s that? The specific reason for your visit. He’ll also need a complete dental history to help him with his diagnosis.
  • Establish an accurate diagnosis for the condition of your pulpal tissue by performing certain endodontic tooth tests.
  • Perform a radiographic examination. This allows him to view your teeth internally through two or three different radiographic angles. He can take a look at the root canal spaces within each tooth and the surrounding bone and structures in order to compose a 3D visualization of your problematic areas. This test is a very important one that allows Dr. Rechter to see things he can’t with a clinical examination alone.

Sign up for your endodontic examination and give the insides of your teeth the care and attention that is vital to your overall health! Just call (516) 766-0122 or fill out the online form to schedule an examination with Rockville Centre’s Dr. Michael Rechter. You’ll be one step closer to your optimal dental health!

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